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Mike here and welcome to my world.

If you’re looking to grow your company to the next level through marketing and advertising, then you’re in the right place.

I help entrepreneurs ‘unleash the beast’ and predictably scale by using automation.

My main focus is to help you systematically get more leads, customers, clients and profits through advertising and marketing automation.

The overarching theme of this site is “to bring relentless ‘balls deep’ marketing and advertising advice to businesses so they can Unleash That Beast and scale rapidly.

I believe that your business should provide you with the lifestyle and freedom you want. Two major keys are human nature and… seduction.

To me (great) marketing is… Sweet seduction.

And on this website I share everything that has to do with great marketing, entrepreneurship and also my life.

hopefully I can entertain you, meanwhilst equip you with killer strategies that’s going to make you some mulah. And in return, you’d buy some of my stuff.

Sounds fair?

Here’s what you can expect from me:

#1. Real dick slinging stuff.  My views on entrepreneurship, life and business – You’ll get ‘behind the scenes’ of me growing my personal company and agency.

#2. Actionable info and strategies that you can immediately use in your own marketing, for free, nothing held back.

#3. Sales pitches. (but only after having provided loaaads of value first.)
The best way to figure out if a) my stuff is for you; and b) My stuff is any good – is to check some of my free stuff and see for yourself.

I got you a free gift.
Want it? Click and see it here: ‘Gift Revealed!


Some of my best FREE content can be found on the Blog, and other outlets we publish articles on Include Medium and LinkedIn Pulse.

I have created a list of recommended battle-tested resources for entrepreneurs. Check it out here:


Marketing Domination Bootcamp: [To Be Added]

Unleash The Beast: [To Be Added]


[To be added]


I have created multiple freebies to bribe you into subscribing to my email list. Although I want to tease you into subscribing, so most freebies require no opt-in.


A 2-Step Inbound Lead Generation Strategy To Fill Your Business With Quality Prospects. This Guide will help you implement a lead generation campaign on steroids in 7-days.

Download it here: FYB-Campaign



this is my membership program. Total Life Domination is a lifestyle philosophy and a business growth strategy to dominate in each area of your life.

 Get the latest marketing and advertising strategies right at your doorstep. From field tested campaigns, funnels and tech to lifestyle and fitness.

What do you get?

1. The monthly physical TLD Cartel Newsletter.

2. Two Live group trainings and Q&A’s per month

3. Private Cartel Inner Circle Facebook Community

Sign up for $97 a month, you can cancel anytime.
First 30-day money back guarantee.


GladonMedia Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency

Social media management.

Advertising. (Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter)

Done for you Dynamic Funnels and campaigns (pages, copy, ads, tech, everything)

Free consult: email

Why do I give most of my stuff away for free, without holding anything back?

That’s because I want to help people get results before I want them to even consider working with me – plus I believe in karma (no hippy shit).

If I help you solve a problem for free and it’s better than you’d pay a lot of money for, you’d refer me to your friends, even if we haven’t met.

And a good percentage of people who visit my website and go through my content would like to hire me to personally help them implement, hold them accountable, and grow their business.

Here’s my very first, but “hardcore” pitch to you.

Scroll up and read the articles (very important!)

If you like those, then get the free dynamic ascension report and training.

If that stuff blows your mind, consider to request a free strategy call.

This is apply only. (you have to meet strict requirements and complete an application form)

Till the fucking wheels come off,


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