Would You Like Me To Personally Help You Design A Custom Strategic Marketing Campaign
For You, For Free?

Dear friend,

I’m looking for a baller client that I can help bring in a flood of clients and exponentially grow revenue for in the fastest time possible.

If you’re that client I will personally work with you as your personal “behind the scenes guy” to help you systematically bring in new clients, sales, and increase your profits in the next 90 days -12 months…

But First, I’m Going To Do Something Out Of The Ordinary…


You might even think I am a bit crazy here, you could call it “Money Kamikaze” (I totally just made that up).

I am going to try my hardest to stop you from reading this letter.

For every 20 people reading this personal letter, I want 19 of them to think “yep, this isn’t for me.Because…

I’m about to sell you on the idea of booking a complimentary Skype conversation, where I’ll personally design and hand you a Custom Marketing planwhich… you’ll gladly want my help implementing and paying €3250 a month for. (yep)

Now If you are still interested,

The first thing I’m going to do for you is to personally help you create a custom marketing campaign for a quick Cash Infusion and new clients. This means I’ll architect and design a marketing funnel and a lead generation strategy, for you… live on the call!

The result is a custom campaign that will bring you ‘ready to buy’ leads and clients on-demand like a gum-ball machine.

There is no charge for this and it only takes about 35-90 minutes to do together.

I’ve been doing this type of work for almost 6 years  and I’m pretty awesome at getting quick results.

And for most clients this means to add an additional €20,000 – €50,000 a month within 3 months, and Double,or triple their revenue over a 12 month period.

I’ll virtually watch over your shoulder, telling you exactly what to do.

I’ll even facilitate the plug n’ play campaign structures, how to position your offer, I’ll come up with multiple ways to present your
offer and match it to the top 18% of best clients, and how to increase the LTV (Life time value) per client on the back-end.

If you currently have low hanging fruit, existing clients, and past clients, we’ll create a ‘quick profit accelerator promotion’ to convert the low hanging fruit, upgrade a good percentage of your existing clients into a premium offer, reactivate past clients, and get them all sending referrals.

This only takes 35-90 minutes for us to map out together.

It’s Like Having a ‘Behind The Scenes Strategist’
Whispering The Right Moves Into Your Ears.


Here’s how It’ll work:

We get on Skype one-on-one and go over your business. I’ll ask you lots of questions. Some are sexy, some not so sexy, but they make you think. Hey Very Important!

We will go over what you’re currently doing, and where you want to be. I’ll review your business model, your marketing, your ads, your offers, your sales process and immediately give you fresh insightful tips on how to optimize for higher conversions and more profits.

I’ll work with you to reverse engineer your goal. This means that we’ll determine your revenue goal, how much leads and sales you need to hit that goal. Call me cliche, but I believe a business should provide us with the freedom and  lifestyle we want.

Then based on what you tell me…

I help you come up with a customized ‘ Marketing Campaign blueprint’  – A strategic marketing plan to rapidly and systematically bring in new leads, clients and increase profits.

At the end of our conversation one of these three things will happen:

1. You’re impressed with the plan and decide to implement it on your own.
In this case, Let’s keep in touch and I wish you the best.

2. You absolutely love the plan, and ask to become a client so I can personally
help you implement, optimize, and profit from it in the fastest time possible.
If this is the case, we’ll get to work immediately.

3. Very unlikely, but for some reason you feel like I’ve wasted your time. I’ll send you $300 as a compensation for your time. Like all the guru’s say: “Time is your most valuable asset.” And I respect that 100%.

there’s no catch, it is that simple.

Think about it.

The worst thing that can happen is you get $300 for 30 minutes of your time (and you keep the plan.)

The best thing that can happen is we end up working together mano-a-mano to drastically increase your sales and profits several times over.

And You Won’t Even Pay A Cent.


Here’s why.

Rather than chasing you down, trying to convince you on how awesome this stuff is, I’d like to personally show you that I can help you by just handing it over, and let the value of the free work speak for itself.

If you’re impressed… you might refer your friends to me…

And most of my biggest clients are people who’ve been referred to me, or clients who one-upped several times.

This is the blank space I dominate in.

Why Would I Offer This For Free?


First of all I love this job. I am the best at it and it totally gets me off to see people break their barriers, sling bigger dick than before and scale their business with direct response advertising, marketing and automation so they can get more clients, profits and ultimately have the lifestyle they want as a direct result from the help I give them.

It’s easy for me to whip up a campaign and get results for these people fast. 

Secondly, in full transparency, this is one of the ways I get my top-tier clients.

I know that a good percentage of people I help want to become a client or ask us to build all of their marketing campaigns and funnels for them.

Here’s how that works:

Assuming you’re impressed with the plan and want me to be your ‘behind the scenes strategist‘ to produce these plans more frequently, you’ll probably want to continue working together on the long-term to help you implement and optimize them for maximum results.

If this is the case, I might invite you to become a consulting client.

The “cost” of consulting with me is €3250 a month… but it really doesn’t “cost” you anything.

Why is that?

Because, I know my optimum client… and if this is you, I expect you to make more than €3,250, if not double your investment within just 15-30 days. And if we work together over a 3 month commitment to add an additional €20,000 a month MINIMUM, it won’t cost you additional money to pay for my service. You’d be quite happy when we create a new campaign or strategy, like a kid getting ice cream.

actually, I can give you the initial ‘campaign plan and blueprint’  that will make you more than €10,000 during our first conversation – which is totally free! 🙂

My last question to you is…


What Are You Currently Spending €3,250 a Month On?


is it spending $2,000 on an SEO agency, that hasn’t really produced any results yet?

Is it increasing your ad/marketing budget, but not seeing the return you’d like, and it feels like flushing money through the toilet?

Did you hire a funnel expert for $3,000 to build you a custom funnel that’s supposed to “capture all teh leeeads” But didn’t?


Look, if you don’t want to become a client, There’s no obligation whatsoever. And on the call, there will be no pressure from me to become a client. I’ll let the value speak for itself.

The campaign I’ll design for you will be like a steroid for your business.

I guarantee it.

Bottom Line: If we work together for 12 months plus, I am confident that we can drastically increase your clientele and profits at minimum.

My goal is to give you a taste of working with me by bringing you massive value before we hang up the phone, without it costing you anything.

In fact, here’s my  “Gigantique Sack” guarantee to you.

This means,

You Find Our Conversation Highly Valuable Or I’ll Immediately
Paypal You $300 For Wasting Your Time.

For obvious reasons, this is a no brainer…

Seriously, Regular marketing consultants would charge $2,500 for the campaign, another $3,000 for a simple funnel (you could build in 10 minutes), or worst case, tell you to run BILLBOARD ads LOL!

so think about it this way:

I’m personally designing a custom tailored campaign specifically for you to generate more leads, sales, and profits – up frontfor free.
To give you a taste of what’s it like to work together. Then I’ll ONLY allow you to pay me IF we’re a great fit and
we decide to work together.

I also want to bring you an even greater WoW experience by creating and giving you my plug n’ play campaign blueprint you can deploy it at once, to predictably and consistently convert leads into appointments and customers!

Then my “Gigantique Sack” guarantee is that you find our conversation highly valuable or I’ll pay you $300 for wasting your time.

This is NOT For Everybody – I Only Work With A Select Few

Before you click the button below to fill in the questionaire, you need to know I cannot help everyone.

I only work with a select few of hand picked clients (20) at a time and I don’t work with just anyone. I got a strict, but very reasonable set of criteria that must be met before you continue.

It’s For You If… 

.> You Already Have an Established Business

You already generate $150,000 – $750,000+ in annual revenue, you have a steady stream of leads and customers coming in but you want to go to the next level and open the floodgates. You understand the marketing basics and you’re already advertising.

.> You’re Prepared To Do The Work

The ‘simple’ End-To-End approach, strategies and systems we share with you to grow and scale your business work – We use them and teach them to our clients on a daily basis.

It takes discipline and long hours of work to do this right, get competent at and optimize them for growth. Set up your automation once and you’ll have assets that provide you with leads, prospects and clients on tap so you can focus on managing those systems and other ‘High Value Activities’. Plus it still takes work after that to keep everything running.

.> You Understand This Game is Pay2Play 

You have an advertising budget of at least $10,000 and you get it that you will have to invest in acquiring new skills, tools, software. You get that you’ll be spending money and risking money without a guaranteed positive outcome.

You’ll be learning, implementing, optimizing and trying “it” again until you make it work.

.> You Have a Legit Business and Can Genuinely Help People

You care for your market, tribe and clients and want to genuinely help them to solve their problems and get what they want.

You will create a brand, website, offers and drive people to your “stuff“. If you sell stuff that is inappropriate for me (porno) it’s not going to happen or if you’re trying to sell something your Optimum Client isn’t interested in, this will not work.

It’s NOT For You If… 

.> You Aren’t Coachable And Can’t Pull Yourself Together

Even though Total Life Domination is a Hands-on program, I didn’t create it to cause me massive headaches to help S.O.S Entrepreneurs. Stuff will happen, you will encounter obstacles along the way  but you have to keep calm and persistent.

If You don’t follow the program and refuse to implement  because “you know better”  then keep asking the same questions in a different context then please DO NOT apply.

Or if something didn’t work, you got angry and punched the living shit out of your monitor – then send 3 texts, an email support ticket and eventually cry for a refund in the span of 5 minutes – please DO NOT apply.

.> You’re a Part-timer / 5 hour work week person

Look, the 5 hour work week is possible and there’s nothing wrong with it,  if this is something you’re after, this is not for you. But if your business is your passion, and you have a burning desire to help your tribe, make more money, more impact, build a legacy and have it all… You automatically want to work MORE! Funny…

.> You’re Looking For an Easy Way and Expect Direct Results

What this tells me is that you’re lazy, won’t do the work, whine and  be unaccountable and don’t send in your weekly reports or respond to my messages/calls after shit hits the fan (seems harder than it is).

.> You’re not ready for the next level (yet)

Maybe you don’t have the money yet to invest in Total Life Domination, and that’s totally fine. The last thing I want is that you sell your dog, max your credit card(s) and go into debt to invest in my or someone else’s stuff.

Here’s what to do now…

If you meet the criteria and would like to book a consultation to talk to me personally, then I’ll happily set some time aside for you.

Here’s how the application process goes:

When you click the link below you’ll be redirected to a new page and you’ll see a questionaire with 10 simple questions, nothing too personal.

I just need to know what your business does, get a ballpark idea of your current marketing strategy, and what you want to accomplish in the long run etc.


Here’s What Will Happen After That.


After you’ve completed the application, i’ll  do some profile & market research and review your application. The application process helps me to see if I’ll be able to help you or not.

If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll let you know.

If I can help you, I’ll personally contact you to schedule a time for our consultation within 48 hours.

This conversation will be between 35 and 90 minutes.

Then we really start to dig in, and figure out what you really want and how to get it done.

If you absolutely love the custom tailored plan and strategies, you can ask me about my program that is designed to help you implement quickly or you can do it on your own. Either way, You’ll love the conversation.

If you think about becoming my client. Awesome! we can talk about that.

If you don’t want to become a client, cool, no problem.

This is a win-win environment.

With that said, If you feel like this is the right decision for you click here, or the button below, leave your app and let’s chat!

Speak soon,

Michael Gladon

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