About Michael Gladon 

Goals above everything else, Health second, relationships third.

Hey, I’m Mike.

I write my own bio’s (not even in third person).


and I’m known for getting my point across. I curse a lot and occasionally say stuff that pisses off a bunch of people. I love bodybuilding and in my free time I play video games…

My job? I am the best in the whole world at what I do. I show entrepreneurs how to reach high levels of achievement by implementing effective marketing strategies, advertising and dynamic marketing funnels to dramatically bring more leads and clients into their business. We take it to the extreme limits. I don’t pat you on the back, and we use no safe words.

I help you to Unleash The Beast, monetize your brand by getting massive exposure in your market. We do this by getting clear on the brand foundation, invert the customer journey, and apply direct-response, influencer marketing, and content strategies for mass lead generation and conversion into your funnels so you can effortlessly convert prospects into high-paying clients.

I work with businesses in various industries like Health & Fitness, Beauty & Fashion, Marketing (Agencies), Ecommerce, and more.

I have a special place for service providers. I’m really passionate about working with consultants and other service providers to implement my turn-key system Total Life Domination so they can have the freedom do wahtever they want and to grow their business on their terms.


Early feats.

#1. First Esports organization to run ads, and use content marketing for growing a following and selling products.

#2. First Marketing expert to use advertising for Twitch streamers to grow their following and add additional revenue streams.


Favorite Quote: A man without a plan is not a man


I’m grateful you took the time to check my about page, feel free to read my full bio below.

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– Mike

My Story 

(TBH… I should’ve been a sexist cook!)

I’ve failed 3 businesses before my 22nd birthday, two I don’t really want to talk about because it makes no sense, but for the sake of the story… I’ve “attempted” to build two life coaching businesses, and created an E-sports gaming organization which I lost due to poor (money) management.

Here is where it begins my friend.

At the age of 17 after I barely graduated highschool, I skipped around 400 class hours, and I think the teachers just liked me and said “fuck it” (they actually helped me on one exam when I was the last one left to turn it in lol). I enrolled into college cooking school while working as an apprentice cook in a restaurant. The college dean told me “I have people skills and I have a hunch this isn’t really for you.” I persuaded him to let me in and a few months later I found myself in the same spot as going through school, being the outsider, picked on all the time and playing video games to escape reality.

After I received my very first salary of €530, I immediately went to purchase one of the most popular and hyped up games in the world called World of Warcraft.

I can still remember the first time I played, I was hooked. The game had a competitive side to it where players met each other in the “arena” and battle it out to gain points and season titles.

My big mouth and competitive drive ocasionally got me in trouble with the top players on the server I played on, meanwhile in ‘real life‘ I was shy, had low self-esteem and choked on my own damn words lol.

I played til my thumbs and fingers started tinglin’, hurting and I practised and practised and practised and challenged people on a daily basis. I analysed my game play and became better and better and better, and while I was the underdog, a few good players took me under their wing, “mentored” me and played with me.

I was slowly becoming a recognized player in my server and I was famous for my big mouth, I became the #2 best Mage and had thousands of people wanting to play with me.

Still while in real life I was a nobody!

My first encounter with self development

At work I got bullied by the chef. One particular day I just snapped and left after he told me “You can’t even cook an egg“, which at the time was the ultimate insult to me. It emotionally smashed me to pieces and I thought to myself I WILL SHOW YOU SOMEDAY!

I went online that night and out of sheer frustration I Googled “How to get rich”, I bet you did the same thing at one point lol. I found the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, ordered it and read it. I absolutely didn’t understand ANYTHING and thought it was a shit book. The end. (just kidding)

Some days later, I woke up in the middle of the night and it just struck me

You might ask , ye what was it Mike?

Well… from early childhood I kept asking myself the question “why are some people more popular than others.” and later connected that with “Why am I so popular in a stupid game and a nobody in life?

It just hit me and I realized that In the magic ‘world’ of World of Warcraft where I was FAMOUS I was being the REAL me, always trying to improve, be the best and help others rise.  I learned that people admire people who have a gift or specific expertise/skill that’s entertaining or they’re interested in.

In my real life, I ‘worked hard’ to fit the boxes people put me in. That night I asked myself another question… well it’s more of a self statement. “What If I apply the same hard work and dedication as I did in World of Warcraft and become the best, I can probably do it in life.

I started by improving my body posture, upgrading my closet and speaking my mind. At the time the #1 youtuber was a WoW player named Athene, he started to post Social dynamics, NLP and “Game” (how to pick up chicks) stuff on the yootoob.

Just like most millenial boys, we get our cohones metaphorically cut off and I was naturally VERY shy around girls.

Now you might wonder, “WTF Mike what has this to do with business?” Hold on padawan, nearly there 😉

I spentmy time learning about social dynamics and came across a Life coaching course, which I bought 6 months later (lol). I bought a few NLP books and shortly after stumbled upon the legendary book The Game by Neil Strauss, and Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy (I was actually searching for Mastery by Robert Greene).

Unleashing The Beast

The two books I just mention were pivotal to my early development.

I build mass confidence, a solid self-ideal and learned to set goals in life. I started going out to meet girls and practise my social skillls (the guys reading might relate to this, sorry ladies 😉 ).

I stopped caring about what people thought of me and stuff that’s out of my control and made the decision to take responsibility for my life. No more impulse stuff, latest celeb sex tape, trending topics and distractions. Life is much better this way and more fun when you simply “don’t give a fuck and do you.” (I still drank though and spend lots of mulah on it too lol)

At this point I’m now 18 and work in a hotel as my 3rd job (still as an apprentice cook) with a young group of awesome collegues. Meanwhile fighting in court to get my money from my second job…

I’ve dated some hot chicks, I’m starting to set my boundaries and learn how to handle people who are inapropriate or picking on me, random strangers, collegues, family and friends.

My brother was going to the gym and asked me to come a long a few times because his friend only showed up ocasionally. Entering the gym was another barrier of my comfort zone that I had to break because people from my town and school trained there that used to bully me. One time I said fuck it and we went, (my knee’s were shaking, I was sweating bullets of fear etc. but I got my first workout in lol).

I casually worked out, played World of Warcraft, went to work and went out to meet girls. I bought the life coaching course (which was shit tbh) and did not even finish it and decided to just go for it, my contract ended at the hotel and I quit the cooking thing, seems the dean was right lol (I hated it).

Just like most people who start out I checked out other coaches’ websites. HUGE demotivator…  I build my first website on a .weebly account, got business cards… spread them and waited… NOTHING. I had to get a new job because bills started to pile up and as a 19 year old, that quite sucks. With maximum resistance and feeling like a complete failure I started working at a juice factory in my town (150 meters from the gym and my home). Around 6 monts in one of my friends told me to apply for a direct sales job where he works. (just to get his €50 signing bonus lol)

I got into direct sales and sold energy contracts on the streets… Ocasionally walking into old classmates and other people I knew. They looked at me and I could just read their minds “pff… look at him, what a failure!” Let me tell you this, it sucked and I hit a major depression and felt stuck. Soon, I got fired and I probably was the WORST sales rep the company ever had LOL. I had no clue what to do with my life and had been thinking of just ending it.

Lucky enough I found a guy on Youtube called Elliot Hulse, one of his videos helped me to immediately SNAP out of my depression and get back on track (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this haha).

I started to take the gym seriously and I asked myself the same question “what If I apply the same stuff from WoW and self development to the gym?

I dedicated myself to learning absolutely everything about growing muscle, losing fat, working out, nutrition, body types, etc.  I self educated myself through reading everything I could about the topics and watching youtube videos.

Through research, trial, error, learning my body and hard work I went from a measly 70KG to 95KG 18″arms, RIPPED within 1 year. The results that most people have to work 3 to 5 years for!

Meanwhile my mum fixed me a job (again as a cook) on my 21st birthday at one of these beach places she hangs out on ocasionally. The owner and 2 collegues harrassed me day in and day out, because I was a little bit different than them physically, mentally and had different life goals.  They said dumb shit like “why don’t you just jump in front of the train.” and made fun of what I was trying to achieve in life. Stuff that didn’t really bother me. At first I laughed it off and just plain ignored it, but after a few months… man it got to me and again, I snapped and left.

Again I felt stuck and decided to pick up the life coaching thing again (ironic lol, now you see why I initially didn’t want to tell you about this)

I completely shut myself off from the outside world and played more online games with my friends than actually work my “business.” My mum thought I was doing cocaine, other drugs and drinking, her boyfriend was making fun of me all the time and I hit my next depression. Actually I was really pissed the fuck off at everything and everyone. My relationship with my mum got even worse when she had me go to some psychology doctor, that cunt referred me to some “mental/psychologic health doctor”.

This man was in his mid 40s, OBESE and trying to “fix” me. I told him about my business, my relationships, my bodybuilding lifestyle etc and he crashed all my hopes and dreams sitting with his fat ass on a chair, now I really wanted to end my life, but the only thing that kept me going were video games. I met this guy once per month and after the 3rd month I stopped showing up, he made me feel worse than every last session, I didn’t had a job, just gaming 24/7, cooking, going to the gym, going out with my boring girfriend, that was my life.

I  still had the entrepreneurial tendency, and I decided to start a gaming organization. It actually went pretty well but most people were pretty skeptic. I remember once at the dinner table at my “girlfriend’s home”. Her dad asked me what I was doing for work now, he knew about the life coaching thing and I could read his mind lol (if you know waht I mean).

I told him I am making money by having my team join in tournaments and winning cash prizes online, meanwhile I sold packages on my own game server where players could receive guns, vehicles and gear for €7/m€15/m€30/m. he looked at me funny as he said “that’s interesting.” Meanwhile my girlfriend looked down. (I actually liked her sister anyway)

It didn’t take long as my greedy hands started using the money for personal stuff thinking “I’ll just make it back“. Hackers started to attack my servers and people quit playing on them, the team disbanded and I am back at where I started.

Months later of having no income my mum got me another job as a cook at a place where one of her friends was the head chef. The son of the owner left and it opened a slot. I loved working there but the owner was a complete degenerate cunt and I got fired because his son came back to work there 2.5 months later. I admired the chef’s passion for food and I spoke to him about business and told him about my goals and plans. He was the FIRST guy ever who told me to do it “you’re still young” he said.

I had another realization that shifted my thinking. “The gym as a metaphor for life.” The hours of hard work, studying, meal prepping, creating meal plans and workout plans, making sacrifices, being disciplined, consistent, and set smaller goals to achieve your VISION is the foundation of success. See, I figured out there’s a BLUEPRINT.

I was motivated and honestly, I was already looking for stuff on Google and Youtube on how to start a Personal Training business and get certified. Unfortunately I didn’t have the €2000 for the ‘Gym Instructor level 1’ program. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and become an “uncertified PT.”

Yes.. The Business Stuff! 2013 and 2014!

I was looking for a business name and came up with Mike’s Method… I did my research and the domain name mikesmethod.com was taken by a Canadian PT for college students and athletes. (I now own that domain lol).

I REALLY wanted Mike’s method… So I decided to add the DOUBLE D. Mike’s Methodd was born and the added D actualy made sense because it represented my own out of the box thinking and “not fitting in the norm style.

I had no money, and I “needed” a website So again I created a FREE mikesmethodd.weebly.com (haha) and build something very basic.

One thing I am very proud of when I started doing the PT thing is that I immediately took action and activated my Power Base (friends, family etc). I didn’t had any reference experience so I started charging some of my friends €30/m. (I even felt that was a lot of money haha)

As you might understand it was a lot of work for no money, and every month I had to harrass my friends into paying me €30, “they had no money” while they went out partying every friday and saturday, and buying video games.

With the very first €40 I made, I upgraded my website to a .com domain.

I wanted to grow my business to 6K/m in 2013. What I didn’t know back then was that even though you’re a business owner and a personal trainer… you’re also the manager, blogger, technician, marketer, sales person etc.

I learned all those things over time.

I wasn’t a marketer… So I became a marketer
I wasn’t a sales person…  So I became a sales person
I wasn’t a good writer… I wrote 3 blogs per week, and became a blogger


I scavenged and devoured every piece of free information I could get my eyeballs on, I read hundreds off blog posts and articles, I watched videos on Youtube and opted in for all the freebies.

I learned a lot off cool shit from the FREE information that boosted my confidence and I ‘learned’ to charge  €50/m. I lost a lot of clients but over time I attracted new clients via Facebook. I joined Facebook groups with my demographic, engaged, befriended and sold my new ‘online personal training’.

I figured out this pattern that all the people used to get new leads and I found a guy on Youtube called Brendon Burchard via a new friend I met on Facebook who told me about what a “Squeeze Page” was and I researched…

I implemented his FREE teachings on marketing, lead generation, product creation and building a 6-page funnel. I had new leads coming in via referral strategies, Facebook and linking my fresh, new blog posts in the groups. I also started to play around with Facebook Ads and got like 3-5 leads per day from this.

Around the same time the film The Wolf of Wallstreet released, after having watched the film I was fired the fuck up. Weeks after I discovered that Jordan Belfort wasn’t a fictional character and I stumbled upon his leaked training video’s on Vimeo.

Again I devoured all content multiple times and implemented the tactics and strategies of the so called “straight line persuasion system.”

I hated sales before… But I actually started to get a hard on from closing new clients lol. I was actually getting really good and my closing ratio went up to 7/10.

Now you might think, holy shit… NICE!!

But to be honest, I was starting to burn out doing all these extra activities while I was training clients in the flesh, creating tailored meal/workout plans and having Skype calls with my online clients for 50 bucks a month. At one point I had 35 clients and only made  €1700 a month… I had NO ‘me time’ at all for apart from my daily 45 minutes in the gym and reading 60 minutes before bed time.

I made the decision to fire 9 clients who gave me a hard time anyway, freed up some extra time and invested 30% of my income on books and Brian Tracy’s courses.

I took the time to re-think my strategy and made the decision to invest $997 in Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy.

Taking this course made me realize I was playing the small game and I rebranded myself as a Lifestyle Coach and started to charge €100/m.

I lost 60% of my current client base, made less money but freed up LOADS of time, time I could invest in gathering more knowledge. I was sold on Jordans’ stuff… and bought Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion program.

I followed THE leader in the online entrepreneurship/marketing space in The Netherlands called Eelco de Boer. Sat through one of his “sales calls webinar”, even though I did not have the money but I enrolled in his ” connective strategy call system product.”

I combined Eelco’s qualifying questions and steps with Grant Cardone’s hard sell/follow up and Jordan’s persuasion and objection handling.

I had it all set up now…

The lead generation system
The lead conversion system
The strategy call system
The offerings and profit maximizers
The delivery and the results

A local business owner became my client and loved the service and results, he told me I should increase my prices (so I did €150/m and eventually per session).

In our session we talked about ‘business stuff’ and he asked for advice. For some reason this worked for him lol and I had 3 more referrals who were also successful business owners, 1 local and 2 from the UK.

I realized these guys did not care about paying 150 bucks per session, and wanted more sessions per week. It amazed me because my friends who made more money than me half a year ago didn’t even want to pay €30.

I came across this OPEN niche,unsaturated and ready for the taking

I slowly adjusted my bussiness to serving business owners and entrepreneurs.

To be specific “Training entrepreneurs and business owners to lose pounds, gain muscle so they can have THE functional body they desire for peak performance in fitness and in business.” 

Now, my client started to come to the training/Skype sessions for business advice instead of training.

They not only enjoyed a more healthy and fit lifestyle, productivity and performance but also grew their business.


I got invited (for free) by my first client to attend a 5K Business event in Amsterdam that he hosted. He connected me with a business owner who drove around €3MM a month with his ecommerce company.


The guy explained his model and I asked him if he used retargeting strategies and proper email campaigns. He told me he had a basic “join our newsletter” optin on the site and did not not know what a retargeting ad was.

One month later he called me on the phone and said that he immediately implemented the strategies I shared with him which resulted in an additional €1M/m revenue. He wanted to hire me as a consultant and train some of his staff.

I had so much fun doing that, that I made the decision to quit personal training and started to help business owners as of August 2014 and adjust My methodology Total Life Domination (Consulting, Coaching & Training) to fit the specific needs of business owners around the world to build a business around their lifestyle, get Optimum Clients fast, dominate their competition and have it all on their terms.

We focus our efforts on aggressive minded entrepreneurs who already make 60K-250K+ anually.


Total Life Domination is my methodology that focuses on personal performance, Business Growth and Lifestyle improvement.

I have taken all the lessons and knowledge that I’ve acquired throughout my life and put them together in an End-To-End refined system for massive growth.

By building your businesss around your lifestyle, you’ll create momentum. This momentum then transitions into growth by attracting Optimum Clients fast and using the profit to ‘have it all’ and dominate your competition.

5 Core Area’s
1. YOU
2. Your Optimum Client
3. Your Business Growth Model
4. Your Systems
5. Your Strategies & Performance

Combined with a Reporting system to keep the client Responsible and Accountable, The faster it goes.

Most of our clients make their investment back within 3 weeks and scale over the course of the program. (12-weeks, 7-months and ongoing)


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